About Rare Victory Social Media Strategies

We ensure our clients receive the maximum amount of visibility through skilled management of your social media channels.  We will collaborate together on the development of a strategy that is based on the goals and philosophy of your enterprise.  Our ideas are streamlined and effective – we create and post easily consumable content that engages your target audience.  In time, you will see the building of brand awareness and notice increased lead generation.  Our methods will have a noticeable impact on your bottom line, since we are boosting awareness and sales without increasing customer-acquisition costs.

Implementation of a strategy is a time consuming process.  It’s more than just posting an update about a new product or service. The competition for customer attention is fiercer than ever.  The trick is to promote relevant content that provides value on a daily basis.  Once trust is established, we then build an “engagement path” which is simple, clear and consistent.   Think of us as your secret weapon.  You’ve got many hats to wear running your business.  The social media management hat is our responsibility.  And we wear it proudly.

Our Vision

In crafting our social media roadmap, we ask these 3 questions:

  1. Who is our online target audience right now; is it evolving or is it relatively fixed?
  2. What kind of strategy is necessary to grow brand awareness and increase conversions?
  3. Which type of content best reflects your product and encourages those in your audience to become brand ambassadors?

The answers result in a coherent strategy that creates a seamless transition from awareness, to engagement, to customer loyalty & brand advocacy.

The Muse Meets Free Enterprise

We get a visceral thrill from developing custom strategies based on our clients’ wants and goals.  You might say we live at the intersection of Commerce Boulevard and Creativity Lane.  When businesses are expected to be on at least three of the most popular social media channels, it’s tough to maintain a consistent presence AND constantly hold the viewer’s attention.

Rare Victory knows how to connect consumers with your brand on a personal, authentic level.  We love to write – our blogs posts are engaging, emotional and unique.  Our clients appreciate our attention to customer service too.  We are always here, ready to answer any of your questions and concerns – 7 days a week.  We ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

David Buckner
David BucknerFounder
David founded Rare Victory and specializes in both Social Media Strategy/Implementation and Internet Consulting.