Building a strong social media presence for your business can be a challenging process. It’s time consuming and requires a combination of proven methods that constantly evolve. You can’t expect your platform of social channels to run itself with sporadic product posts and random monitoring of social interaction. In other words, if you’re going to “do social media” you’ve got to do it right in order to reap the rewards.

The benefits of content marketing and a robust social business management strategy are straightforward.  For one, you must establish trust before your target audience takes action. You also need to build a base of happy and engaged prospects that become lifelong advocates of your business. Everything we do is built around your core mission of providing value and personalized customer service.  We show you how to nurture relationships and attract an audience hungry for information, direct communication, and the “social proof” of a company that can deliver on their promises.

Think of us as your personal guide through the social media maze.  Our team loves performing this type of work.  We thrive on collaboration, spurred on by a bubbling font of creativity, unique ideas, and effective implementation.  We are located here in the United States and can be reached directly via email or cell phone. Our “small company, big ideas” motto means you get personal attention when you need it.


For small business, the key in getting noticed in the social media tsunami is to be professional, consistent, and interesting. When you choose us, we create a custom strategy that will forge a genuine connection with your audience. One of our main goals is to ensure that your customers become vocal advocates of what you produce on a daily basis. According to –

    • 52% of business owners have found their customers on Facebook
      • 43% of business owners have found their customers on LinkedIn
        • 36% of marketers have acquired customers on Twitter

        So, Why Choose Us?

        Because the Rare Victory crew is savvy and forthright. We know how to find high quality content that is relevant to your business. We pay for tools that allow access to original content and useful information that people want to consume – and then share. We harness the power of visual content, graphics, video, images, GIFs and memes. We also thrive on utilizing the tools & features that others tend to overlook (Twitter lists, Canva, Content Gems, etc.) Oh, and our customer support is unparalleled. We check in on a regular basis to see how we’re doing and answer any questions you may have. Our mission is to improve data intelligence, provide instant feedback from your customers’ perspective, and keep you ahead of your competitors. We do this by seamlessly integrating the social media side with your “day-to-day”, ensuring that you stand out in ways you never imagined.

        So, How Are We Different?

        We have a different philosophy when it comes to social media strategy: we believe that custom-crafted content makes all the difference. Our competitors seem to think that “automated social media updates” and boring slideshares are what works best. Not here. Our content curation is specifically tailored to not only your business, but your personality. We do this in a number of ways, but it all begins with an extensive one-on-one interview with your team. By gathering pertinent details and information, we seamless fuse our system with your social media channels and, in a sense, become your “avatar.” In the meantime, you’re creating meaningful relationships with customers and amplifying awareness of your brand. The key to making this work is early communication via text and email. We continually adjust our strategy in line with your preferences, the sharing of ideas, and execute a truly a custom-crafted plan of action. We do all this behind the scenes so all you see are the results. It’s streamlined, it’s salient – and it works!

        If you deploy a smart, relevant and targeted strategy, you’ll be equipped to:

          • Personalize your brand that allows the public to feel a connection with your product or service
          • Send your message out to a specific audience or demographic through “geotargeting”
          • Drive your company by ranking higher in SERPS
          • Gather honest feedback in real time and build on successes (or make crucial adjustments)
          • Find new customers and expand your audience exponentially
          • Boost your search ranking and increase the level of traffic to your website
          • Facilitate recruitment by presenting yourself as an ideal employer, finding the best people to join your team

          But We Don’t Stop There…

          inAction (3)We provide you a “double shot” of expertise: Not only do we handle the content curation and targeted distribution for your social media channels, but we also advise on matters that we know are essential to success. In other words, we are your private consultation on matters big and small. Are your photos a cohesive presence across all your social media platforms? Do they convey your brand effectively? We’ll advise. Want to broadcast your new tagline via media-rich Twitter Cards? We can assist. Need a clear interpretation of your web stats and social media analytics? We’ve got your covered. Thinking of revamping your website and elevating your internet presence? We know a guy. (seriously, he’s one of our best kept secrets). Want to learn how to create a newsletter that people actually want to read? We will teach you how to build your mailing list and open your content stream to a whole new audience. Desire careful monitoring of social media sentiment and your web reputation? Well, we can make sure that’s taken care of too. You get ALL of this custom consultation at no additional cost. It’s included.

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