People are afflicted with short attention spans and bombarded with media saturation. They ignore direct advertising and gravitate to trusted sources – people they choose to follow – on their favorite social media.

We specialize in ‘turbo charging’ social channels for this expressed purpose: connecting experienced, savvy Realtors with buyers and sellers that were previously out of reach. We’ll boost your branding and use a few of the tricks up our sleeve to massively increase exposure – actions that bring results!

Why choose Rare Victory?

For one thing, we know your business. Rare Victory has over 30 accumulated experience in real estate transactions and all the related tentacles (title, escrow, lending, inspections, etc). Therefore, your social media messaging and outreach appears organic, relevant and interesting. We use our vast experience in networking and relationship-building and give it a ‘high tech boost’ that lends another layer of credibility.

Hand-Crafted Makes the Difference

Secondly, we make sure our work is a true reflection of your personal style and professional ethos. We fuse your personality with your daily activities and interactions.Everything we do to make you look great emanates from this extra personal touch.

You’ll see the positive feedback almost immediately.

Is it possible to do on my own?

Of course it’s possible. But keep in mind – maintaining a credible social media presence in today’s content drenched environment is a full time job. There is no “half way” when it comes to engaging your audience, effectively distributing your message, and converting your audience into lifelong clients. Social media is one of the most critical marketing instruments available to agents interested in growing beyond their current sphere of influence. But you have GOT to tap into it!

Social networks help you build trust, which is what you need in order to sell products and services. We specialize in creating a custom social media strategy that fits your goals, and your budget!


Got it.  But how what makes Rare Victory the top choice for Realtors?

A few things set our company apart.

For one, we know the business. Rare Victory has over 30 years of accumulated experience in real estate transactions and all related aspects – from client acquisition to the day escrow closes.  Therefore, your social media messaging and outreach appears natural, relevant and interesting with us at the helm. In other words, your social media messaging will be authentic.  Nobody knows how to combine the most effective elements of real estate marketing with the latest social media growth hacks like Rare Victory.

Second, we strive to make sure that your profile shows a diverse mix of content – We specialize in building a ‘content firehose’ that shows off your personality and life outside of the office. This ensures sellers and buyers will keep coming back to your platform.   Because you provide lively and relatable information, your clients share your brand with their friends and fans – and view you as a trusted source of information. Other companies tend to set you up on automatic updates and a 1-size-fits-all approach.  Not here. We specialize in creating a hand-crafted strategy that’s a reflection of your personal style and professional brand. We blend your social media with your daily real estate activities seamlessly.

Finally, we give you the option of keeping us around – OR we’ll teach you how to take the reins and manage your own social media channels yourself. You will be learning a LOT from us about how it all comes together. Part of what we provide is a roadmap that clearly shows how to build on and fine-tune it your social media profile.  Therefore, we think it’s ideal for the Realtor to take that knowledge and use it on their own – after being witness to a daily, immersive social media strategy that we laid out together.  You’ll see it usually just comes down to how much time you have in a given day to manage the strategy effectively on your own.

KEY TAKE-AWAY:  Our program doesn’t need to make you eternally dependent on our team – we teach you how to fish.  It’s a totally unique approach to a specific genre of media that has proven effective for our current and past clients. We give you the choice:  keep us around or take over yourself!



So, what can I expect?

Rare Victory has established a 3 step process that transforms you from being a social media straggler into an established pro. It’s a collaboration between our team and you – we offer options, ideas and direction. You might even call it a “strategy”.  From day one, we will elevate your online presence and establish your authority as an exceptional and experienced Realtor who knows how to close transactions on time with no surprises and a long list of happy clients.  And their testimonials on your Zillow page will prove it!

Happy woman typing on a laptop and looking at camera sitting on a bench

    • Step One: Sign up and completion of our intake form. Social media audit, joint collaboration on content and link coordination, graphics assessment, and message testing. (8 weeks)
    • Step Two: Content curation, targeted social engagement, campaign creation, distribution funnel testing, establishing your blog space. We then measure our implementation via analytics. (16 weeks)
    • Step Three: Outreach to influencers and industry experts, contact with celebrities, podcast hosts, bloggers, etc. Establish creation of “evergreen content” that you own. Organize a streamlined email list (very important) and continue full development and integration of up to 4 relevant social media channels. (24 weeks)

    Every step of the way, we are behind the scenes employing our expertise to your social media platform – making sure we’re constantly increasing awareness and user engagement.

    This leads to new relationships that eventually turn into real clients and closed escrows. All the while you are gaining followers, establishing your credibility and leaving your competition scrambling to uncover your secret weapon.



    A real-life example of our strategy in action – a social media lead from a home buyer:


    Evolve from a ‘social media straggler’ to an expert.

    Please Note:

    We typically work by referral only, and we limit the number of new clients every quarter to ensure the same level of excellent service.  However, if the approach outlined above makes sense to you and you’re ready to increase the number of closed transactions per year, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer any questions, including pricing. We know your business well and have extensive experience of the entire fluctuating process – from listing agreement (or buyer/broker) to swinging by the escrow office after the loan funds to pick up your well-deserved check. We know how hard you work on building your niche in a competitive industry. It doesn’t allow for a lot of free time to effectively manage the intricacies of social media penetration. But don’t worry. We’ve got that part down.