David James Buckner
CEO, Rare Victory Digital Marketing

David J. Buckner is an experienced and driven entrepreneur whose marketing track record extends back to when a 56k modem was the default method getting online, and web pages filled your screen piece by piece. He's handled marketing and digital promotion for a boutique record label in the 1990's, the medical ultrasound sector in the mid-2000's, and on behalf of real estate teams and brokers since 2013. The RV team subsequently added Commercial Real Estate and the #Hospitality sector to their niche.

David thrives on assisting clients with their marketing goals, demonstrating how a strong online presence leads to an exponential increase in exposure and a much more attractive ROI. Digital marketing and social are inherently creative, so why not take a bold approach? The average consumer decides whether or not to scroll past an ad after just 1.7 seconds of viewing it in his/her news feed - that's where Rare Victory comes in.

They have specialists in graphic design, hand-crafted content creation, and natural audience / follower growth for each social media channel. David ensures that for each client the RV team is focused, creative and strategic when designing your digital marketing strategy. They ensure your brand message is consistent and compelling, all the while increasing the layers of exposure that amplify your credibility and integrity. Ultimately what Rare Victory does is assist you in building long-term, profitable relationships.

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